Own Your Beauty!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pink Washing

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and it feels like every company has slapped a pink ribbon or pink packaging on every single product. Now, to some extent I think this is a good thing because when you are surrounded by the pink every day you can't help but have your awareness raised, maybe remember to do your self breast exam that slipped your mind last month, finally get around to scheduling that mammogram since it is in the front of your mind - important things!

However, I think it is also a time to think critically about how companies use our collective social guilt and desire to make a difference in the easiest way possible to get us to spend more money on their pink washed items. There is a great post on the Crazy, Sexy Life blog about how hypocritical it is of these cosmetics companies in particular to put out makeup items plastered pink for breast cancer awareness, but that themselves are FILLED with cancer causing chemicals! Check out the post and take a look at a few of the links to see if the cosmetics you use are in the red zone or the green zone for dangerous content.

A few of the changes I have made to try and get more unknown chemicals out of my body -
1) Stopped using shampoo and conditioner and now use just hot water, baking soda and the occasional apple cider vinegar rinse.
2) Switched to basic Ivory bar soap from the chemical filled body wash
3) Replacing cosmetics with organic and mineral based makeups as mine run out
4) Shopping with a more critical eye in general to what I am putting on and in my body
Something I know I still need to work on is my hair dye. I do dye my hair red, and I like it a real brilliant color (as opposed to the natural dishwater blond I was born with). Feria is usually my hair color brand of choice, but in a complete NON surprise it scores as some of the absolute worst on types and amounts of cancer causing chemicals. So I need to decide how I can go about changing this and still enjoy having my signature fiery hair. Any suggestions would be extremely welcome!