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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve Knitting

I just wanted to share the headband that I have been working on today.  I have made it about 1/2 way through my Christmas Movie list (with a pause to watch The Shining on a Netflix date with a friend in Delaware…hey, it takes place during the winter!)

While I have been watching I have also been knit knit knitting away.  I like to knit to keep my hands and brain active so I don’t just turn into total movie couch slug.  I will share pictures of what I knit for my family for Christmas gifts soon – I just don’t wnt to share TOO soon on the off chance that one of them reads my blog before they open their gifts!

So here it is, unveiled, my Christmas headband specially designed to be lovely and cabled and to also keep my ears nice and toasty warm when I take the poochie out on walks.  I’m not sure if the pictures do it justice, but it really is a gorgeous, rich shade of cranberry red!  And done just in time to be Merry Christmas to me Smile 

I hope everyone else is having a wonderful, merry, and warm holidays no matter where you may be, what you are celebrating, or who you are sharing it with!

Peace ~Tina