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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Troll Under the Table

That would be my dog…this is prett much her standard position while I eat anything.  Primed in position for if (when?) I drop food so she can oh so kindly keep my floor clean…so selfless is this one Winking smile


I continued on my bulk cooking journey today.  I had been letting my chicken stock simmer overnight in the crockpot with the bones, the juices and white wine I cooked the chicken in originally, and a bunch of frozen veggie trimmings I have had in my freezer.  I added water up to the top, some fresh cracked pepper and 4 bay leaves and just let it simmer on down.  I was rewarded with flat out, no joke, no lie, no foolin’, the best chicken stock I have ever made!  Didn’t even need extra salt.  Just got strained and went straight into a pot for soup.  Dark, rich, delicious, I was eating spoonfuls straight from the pan.  I added a bag of frozen gumbo veggies (I love okra…don’t judge me!) about 1/3 of the chicken I stripped from the carcass yesterday, and some cooked Trader Joe’s Harvest Grains Blend.

I decided to go with this instead of noodles because I knew it would be stored for later, and whenever I store chicken noodle soup the noodles suck up all the broth and end up sort of gooey and stew-like instead of soup.  Plus the broth drips off the end of the noodles and onto my boobs and stains my shirts…the curse of being well endowed!

Well, needless to say it turned into probably the tastiest chicken soup I have ever had let alone made.  I broke my unwritten rule of storing everything I am cooking and had a bowl for lunch along with a couple of pieces of my homemade bread and butter.


Best cold weather lunch ever…the end…no arguments! 

I am about 1/2 way through my list of cooking now and feeling good about getting everything done before school starts.  I can’t wait to crack open the smoked salmon my mom sent me for Christmas and use that for a couple of recipes.  I am thinking, smoked salmon quiche, smoked salmon chowder, and…….?  I could probably get 3 recipes out of this giant piece of salmon!! Or I might just grab a fork…I have been known to do that too Smile

Something else I did last night, went through my old clothes that are too stained to wear or just don’t fit right and cut them up for rags and towels.  These towels used to be a sweater and a tank top.  My bathroom towel used to be a polo shirt in a color of red that just was never flattering on me.  I also made 2 headbands out of the waist band pieces I cut from each of these sweaters.  And they look pretty adorable if I do say so myself.  Glad to be reusing things and they are cuter than towels I would have bought at Wally World anyway!DSCN0455

And just to end…I got up to go to the bathroom and someone was SO KIND as to steal my spot keep my place warm for me.  Such a giver this one is.  Good thing she is cute and easily forgivable!