Own Your Beauty!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I can learn!

So I keep hearing about this fabulous book, the bible of frugal living, all should bow down before its magnificence! It's called The Complete Tightwad Gazette by Amy Dacyczyn. It supposedly has anything and everything you could possibly need to know to live a frugal life. So what did I do? Immediately went on Amazon to see if they had it. *Slap hand to forehead here* Now to be fair, I know Amazon sells used books too and I wanted to see if they had an edition for my Kindle. But of course they don't, and honestly I am hesitating at buying a book for $15 (used from $9.92) that I have never even looked at and don't know if it would even apply to me.

Then it hit me like a bolt of frugal lightening -I go to college! Colleges have libraries! I could check it out of the library! I am a genius! (Must be why I got straight A's last semester ya know) So off I go to the library website to find a copy of this fabulous book, aaaaaaaand......................they don't have it. Ok, so maybe it isn't exactly scholarly college research. That's when I discover this AMAZING thing called "Loan Shark" where you can sign up to have books from library systems around the country sent to your school and held for you to check out. Oh hellz to the yeah! It's like library magic! So I did indeed enter a loan shark request and now I just get to sit and twiddle my thrify little fingers and wait to be notified that it has arrived for me.

Instant gratification as good as clicking a button and having it download to my pretty e-reader? Well, no. But it is FREE and I can take the time to read it and decide if it is something that would benefit me to own before shelling out the $9.92 + shipping (for a used copy of course) to have a copy of my very own. See? I can learn to break the consumer habits and use the resources available to me! Sit...stay...check out books from the library...good Tina :-P